History of Public Health in Northern California

APHA continues its dedication to the resolution of public health issues and concerns as they arise. The Association’s headquarters, located in Washington, D.C., provides ready access to the country’s major policymakers for APHA’s advocacy and public policy efforts. APHA’s 53 Affiliates, including those in all 50 states plus regional Affiliates in northern and southern California, New York City and metropolitan Washington, D.C., serve to connect it with public health issues at the local level. Included among APHA members are individuals from scores of disciplines that contribute to public health practice. The large majority of APHA members pursue their special interests through one or more of the association’s 27 Sections and six Special Primary Interest Groups.

In 1966, at its 94th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, APHA sponsored an initial meeting of delegates from 13 different foreign counterpart associations that led to the establishment of the World Federation of Public Health Associations in 1967, convening a group of delegates representing 32 national public health associations during the World Health Assembly in Geneva with 16 core member associations. APHA is an active member of the federation, through which it is involved in public health concerns of more than 70 member countries. APHA also actively participates in the activities of the World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization.

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