COLORADO – Denver Health

COLORADO – Denver Health

•1876: Colorado becomes a state.

•1876-1881: Dr. Harrison Lemen is county physician and oversees the County Hospital.

•1879-1880: First typhoid epidemic strikes Denver.

•1881: Fight between homeopaths and allopaths over control of Arapahoe County Hospital.

•1884: The county’s first Poor Farm, consisting of 220 acres, opens near the Globe Smelting Company.

•1887: Dr. Herbert McLauthlin elected county physician at a salary of $2,400 per year. Later he was made head of the city’s Department of Health.

•1887: The Colorado Training School for Nurses opens.

•1888: Augusta Erickson is the first graduate of The Colorado Training School for Nurses.

•1889: A new Nurse’s Home is built. Costing roughly $30,000, it’s a three-story brick structure with a long sun porch.

•1889: Patient census is 91

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