Mental Health

Mental Health

When and how people experience mental health challenges is influenced by the interaction of genetics, culture and social determinants. With this in mind, we encourage research, policies and practices that speak to prevention, health promotion, social justice and human rights.

The APHA Mental Health Section partners across fields and professions to strengthen leadership in public health. We seek to:

Disseminate research, policies and practices that address the mental health, physical health, and well-being of diverse and vulnerable populations.

– Promote fluency with the principles and strategies of population health.
– Support the use of traditional, mixed-methods and community participatory research.
– Advocate for effective and evidence-based interventions, programs, systems and policies, including strategies designed to address the stigma of mental illness.
– Offer opportunities for section members to network, build careers and impact the public health of regional, state and national communities.

Our section membership is cross-sector and multidisciplinary. We are students and professionals located in 45 states and 17 countries, applying our interest in Behavioral Health to 30 fields. Members work at local, regional and national levels in roles involving research (60%), policy (15%), advocacy (10%) and practice (15%).