Medical Care

Medical Care

Description of Medical Care
Founded in 1948, the Medical Care Section is guided by the public health ideal that we must act collectively as a society to assure conditions in which people can be healthy.


We are committed to improving the nation’s health through practice, research, education and policy action. The Medical Care Section has generated several APHA presidents, and our journal, Medical Care, is the premier clinical health services research journal in the world.

We explore the organization and practice of medical care in the U.S. and elsewhere as well as the social, economic and environmental conditions that influence health.

We advocate for strengthening and assuring the conditions that preserve and enhance health as well as a medical care system that assures high-quality care, accessible preventive medicine and cultural sensitivity for all.

We see this as attainable through equitable public financing, careful monitoring and feedback of performance, and wise allocation of resources under public leadership.

News and Events

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Featured committee: Justice-Impacted and Incarcerated Health

Dedicated to advancing the multiple public health areas intersecting with justice systems. Key topic areas: disparities, human rights, behavioral health, chronic care, transitional care, and special populations. The JIIH committee maintains a listserv of over 200 members and experts issuing periodic newsletters to announce Upcoming Events, Articles and Resources, and Notes from Members. For APHA Annual Meetings, JIIH distributes a list of Sections seeking Abstracts in Key Topic Areas and a user friendly Directory of JIIH Sessions of Interest by date, time and location. The listserv is also a useful networking tool, connecting those looking for experts in their regions or best practice guidelines.


  • AETC National Resource Center Health Disparities Collaborative Webinar: Addressing Health Disparities Among Incarcerated and Recently Incarcerated Populations webinar recording
  • Reentry Central: The National Website on Reentry for news and information on the subject of reentry and related criminal justice issues.

News and Publications:

  • A Minnesota proposal aims to create a recovery center or those living with mental illness who have been arrested, as a possible diversion from jail.
  • Consumer Rights Come to Jail: How the Affordable Care Act Changes the Rights of Individuals Pending Disposition, COCHS’ Daniel J. Mistak, describes how the ACA endows individuals pending disposition with new consumer rights — and the implications of those rights.

Media Gallery

Ruth Roemer tells the story of the origin of the Tobacco World Convention

2008 It all begins with a lunch discussion in Westwood , Los Angeles California . This illustrates what the power of an idea can generate when its time had come