Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

Technology teaching/learning resources*

Syllabus available

Lecture content

Student page and papers- example

Classic readings- example Delta Omega

Links- examples National Library of Medicine, LOC,

Additional Content

Synthesis- topics provide basic authoritative reference and sources- example Changing Food Habits in the US- Smithsonian

Digitalize important papers not currently available on line- for example we have digitalized the now out of print, APHA at 100 history written by Nancy

Bernstein (1972)

Related content particularly germane to public health example selected TED Talks YouTube….including APHA content

Audio Histories- how to do, collecting histories and ephemera

* Note: we follow all citation notes, copy rights and list sources and attribution

Interrelate to larger website-features examples

History Mysteries- follows PBS takes some historical piece collects information about it, …an example of an interactive feature, inviting further participation

TIme Traveler- noting, celebrating or highlighting a topic and its historic timeline- current example developing the polio vaccines

JAPH and Sections provide links to publications or related links of special interest

Help wanted- recruitment and participation bringing in others to -story of two Presidents where two non- members respectively have published accounts of two prior APHA Presidents

Collaboration- opportunities for mutual exploration or work on content and presentation- example two non APHA members respectively working on histories of APHA Presidents

Media- example digital collections – example “public health in the movies”

Creating a vibrant virtual museum and media rich resource content- looking forward to your initial thoughts